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KLYMBO 6 years ago
Canyon 7 years ago
Awesome! Back in the 90s Dennio used to be THE size queen. Other than a few German chicks she had NO competition. She "discovered" the Amazing Ty.
atheer 8 years ago
what is her name pleas
Can you say????? 8 years ago
Hemeroide relief? That's discusting !!
Guy 10 years ago
Love a girl who likes to laugh.
henry 10 years ago
This bitch s elephant asshole can take a horsecock easily..
Tom 11 years ago
I dont know which one of her holes I want to lick, suck and fuck the most. Both of them if she would let me. I love big women.
Freaky Freddie 11 years ago
I would rather French kiss her prolapsed arse than her mouth.
She's nut ugly but I am really into knackered old arses.
daddy 11 years ago
she got piles or what.??
big timber 12 years ago
What a fun lady!!